Any investment that returns much more than you asked for or imagined is a good investment. Such is the case in our relationship with God and dependence on him. David sings in Psalms 30,


‘O lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me’ (v 2).


The verse first and foremost talks about a disciple’s relationship with God. ‘O Lord my God’ is an expression that reveals the intimacy of a relationship wherein you know God and are known by God. He is not just any God but one who is your God. He stands for you and with you. He is the one who has stood the test of time and trials and has come out faithful each and every time. Whereas in the Old Testament times, it was only a few like David who had the privilege of knowing him with such intimacy, today what Christ has done for us has made it possible for all who believe in him to experience that joyous experience of sharing an intimate relationship with the all-powerful God who is forever your advocate.


Next we see David calling out to God for help. Faced with dire circumstances on many occasions, David knew from experience right from his childhood that the only one who would reliably help was the Lord Almighty. Mark the words of the boy David as he offers to go out and face Goliath.


“The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine” (1Samuel 17:37).


David recognized that as a shepherd boy, being faithful meant not to give an inch, even to the animals that came to attack and steal his sheep. Yet when faced with the difficult prospect of facing wild animals, his solace was God. With that rich past behind him, he now knew to draw from his experience of being delivered by God while being a shepherd boy and apply it to other circumstances. He had made it a habit of calling out to God for help. It reveals David’s trust and dependence on God. Whom do we look to for help? What do we rely on for support? People will fail, money will run out, resources will not last, but God stands as our solid rock on whom we can lean upon.


Last, David asks for help and receives much more- he is healed by God.  Our basic need is spiritual and we are all in need of healing. Receiving help from God is good; however receiving healing is better. Through all our circumstances- be it trials or good times, we are being healed and transformed by God- into his image. Note that healing arrives only when a person has an intimate relationship with God and submits to God in trust and dependence. Once that is true, God not only supports and helps us but goes on to heal us so that we are not just helped but enabled to move to a higher realm- one of experiencing the fullness and richness of God.


With God we always get much more.

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