‘Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.’ (Psalms 32:1)

‘I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord”-and you forgave the guilt of my sin. Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you while you may be found;—-’ (Psalms 32:5,6)

David’ message in Psalms 32 is a call for believers to return to the heart of true worship. As we live in this ungodly world, interacting with material things and materialistic people, it is easy to lose focus of who we are and whom we belong to. As we deal with the cares of this world and the worries that constantly plague us, we lose perspective of what is important and that, which truly matters. If you observe a classic spider’s circular web, you would see how the spider constantly keeps returning to the center. As it moves to the periphery to take care of business- be it capturing prey or dealing with intruders, it always instinctively returns to the center from where it has the best vantage point to see the rest of its environment with respect to itself. So it is with believers- there is a constant need to return to the center.

Returning to the center begins with confession. Confession is a personal encounter between man and his Maker. It is a time when man acknowledges his inadequacy and his imperfections. It is time when he bows down before God and humbles himself before God. Much like Commander Naaman removing his uniform and his medals and accomplishments when undertaking the dip in the Jordan river as instructed by Elisha, confession is a time when the man sets aside all that he considers great about himself and truly bows down before God- naked, helpless and with nothing to boast about himself! A believer needs no other facilitator for the process of confession than Jesus himself who sits at the right hand of God and constantly intercedes for us. Confession has the power to change a man from one whose strength is sapped, to being one who once again dances with joy.

True worship is consummated by the joyous receiving of instruction from the Lord and the eager obedience that follows. Much like water flowing from a higher point to a lower level, instruction flows easily and clearly only when the one receiving it loves it and is committed to follow it. Far too often we are like the horse and mule that have no understanding and must be prodded and pushed to get things done. It is difficult but possible to get into a routine of living with the Spirit, being sensitive to Him and rejoicing in the sweet fellowship and abundance that follows. It is therein that God’s unfailing love surrounds us, his protection and deliverance is a surety and a believer once again moves into the heart of true worship, finding resonance with the original tune of the universe.

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